Aircraft Ownership

Provides the highest levels of comfort, privacy and security. Gives you tighter control over aircraft maintenance and safety. Allows you to fly the same aircraft on every mission. Lets you personally select your crew members. Offers potential tax advantages.

Aircraft Partnerships

Created for those who are looking to buy an aircraft but don’t have the anticipated usage to justify the full expense. Great Planes Aviation’s Partner-Plus co-ownership program brings together aircraft owners to partner on a specific aircraft to reduce ownership costs without sacrificing the enjoyment and freedom of aircraft ownership. As you are an owner of the aircraft, ownership benefits such as depreciation and business tax deductions apply.

Aircraft Brokerage

Buying or selling an aircraft is a complex process. With our industry knowledge and trusted relationships, we’ll provide the technical expertise to help you navigate the aircraft selection, legal, regulatory and tax issues inherent in the purchase of an aircraft. Great Planes Aviation provides objective guidance and protects your best interests every step of the way.