Our Team

Great Planes Aviation is committed to providing clean, modern, well maintained aircraft backed by seasoned flight instructors and highly experienced crew. For business or pleasure, travel is both an experience and an investment. As your trusted advisor, we’ll help you develop a strategy that maximizes your aviation investment. With Great Planes Aviation, you’re never tied to a single aviation solution. Based on your training requirements/flight history, we’ll consider flight training, pilot services, charter, membership, ownership or a combination thereof. By leveraging our internal resources and tapping our network of preferred providers, we can offer the best possible options, even as business conditions and your flight requirements change. 

  • Nick  Fancher - President

    Although he has his pilot’s license, Fancher doesn’t get the chance to fly very often.  “I’m a business person and marketer to the core,” he says, which is how he spied an opportunity to develop several aviation-related businesses even in a quieter economic time for business and personal travel.

  • Jim Perry - Flight Instructor CFII  

    Jim Perry is the 4th pilot in his family. His father learned to fly before he was born and then stopped while raising 6 kids. He took up flying again in his 60's and purchased a Cessna 172. Jim started flying a little over 10 years ago. His eldest daughter also trained in that 172 and soloed in it this past summer. With the encouragement and help of pilots several local pilots, Jim earned his flight instructor certificate in August of 2015 and has been flying and teaching at every opportunity.

  • Scott Koon - Flight Instructor, CFII 

    Scott Koon has been flying since 1998. He has wanted to be a pilot for as long as he can remember, but it wasn’t until he was an adult that he had the chance to do something about it.  While most of his training was done here in Rochester, Scott has also trained in Florida, Nevada, Arizona, and Seattle, WA. He often says that Rochester International Airport (KRST) is the perfect place to train—big enough to be challenging, but small enough to be friendly.”  Scott loves teaching. “Helping people achieve their aviation goals—whether becoming a pilot, gaining new skills, or staying proficient—is very rewarding.” He believes there are few things more satisfying than shaking the hand of someone who just earned their pilot’s license.